We believe in the principle of representation by the people, for the people.


We hold that evidence and values should influence decision making, not money.


We focus on issues that concern Southern Arizonan voters

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Progressive Policy is Popular Policy

Represent Me AZ makes the case for fully embracing progressive values. Turns out the progressive programs and positions aren’t radical at all! They are what …

Grant Woods Reveals His True Self

Woods attacks Pelosi, and Then Makes Misogynistic References to Body Parts and Attacks Her Looks During Grant Woods’ radio program called The Grant Woods Show, there …

We Tweet, Therefore We Are

This person is unfit for office! If you think he should be removed, join us in calling Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora at 602-506-0777 and demand that he be fired. https://t.co/m9yIK4dGAU

“A massive new report by The Trace, in conjunction with The New Yorker, alleges that the gun lobbying group has willfully obscured where its money goes, permitted multiple conflicts of interest and engaged in dubious... https://t.co/2nQwf5LmXH

The NRA's tax-exempt status could be threatened following an explosive new report detailing its questionable business dealings. https://t.co/eVU8sEC5Bj # via @HuffPostPol

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