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We believe in the principle of representation by the people, for the people.

We hold that evidence and values should influence decision making, not money.

We focus on issues that concern Southern Arizonan voters.

REPRESENT ME AZ  does not plan protests. We support other groups that do…and often attend. But that is not where we focus our attention.

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It’s pretty clear that Leach wanting to force only citizens initiatives to organize petitions sheets in this arbitrary way is just another attempt to make the process difficult as he just admits: “It should be onerous!”

Celebrating “clamping down” on your right to voter initiatives?

Not a great look. But at least it’s honest?


Last week when House Democrats tried to introduce supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment on the floor, Republicans attempted to shut them down. Watch as Democrats stood up for equal rights and free speech. #AzLeg #ERANow

Protecting workers’ rights is important—that’s why I make sure to listen to labor leaders about how we can partner to support and uplift American workers. Thank you to @PALF_AFLCIO for bringing together such a strong group of leaders who fight for workers every day.


Join us at our 8th Annual Udall Dinner & Spirit of Arizona Awards!

Saturday, April 13th
Speaker: Nancy MacLean, Author of Democracy in Chains

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