Arizona GOP Candidate Willing to Go On Record

Mar 15, 2018

In a political atmosphere that punishes taking stands, we have an Arizona CD2 GOP Candidate that is willing to have his positions on record. And it isn’t the front runner, who appears to be laying low in a strategy that is very familiar to Southern Arizona constituents.

As an organization, our mission is to educate voters so that they can make choices at the polls based on their values, not the slick PR campaigns that mislead the average voter. We have found that the candidates want to control a narrative that often doesn’t match the reality of their votes and positions. Our purpose is to let people know the truth, in a time when the press is printing/posting press releases verbatim. Or not following up with questions when candidates make outrageous statements.

We have found that Candidates like Martha McSally lie about legislation and the implications of their votes. Yes, she lies. We used to say “misleads” but we cannot continue to give her the benefit of the doubt given her track record. You can see just a couple of examples here. We asked Martha to fill out our questionnaire. We never received an answer. We also asked her to re-answer a survey she did for the Center for Arizona Policy in 2012. We never received an answer.

So we were pleasantly surprised to receive a questionnaire from a lesser known Republican Candidate for CD2 relatively quickly after sending it. Former Douglas city Councilman, Danny Morales said about the survey:

I appreciate the opportunity to provide my answers to your thought-provoking questions. Regardless of political differences and aside from my own deep convictions, I am running to serve the constituents of the entire district the best I can whether they are young, middle-aged, senior, Conservative, Liberal, Republican, Democrat, Independent, registered or unregistered. In that light, I appreciate what you are doing to ensure an informed electorate in our beloved district. Thanks again for the opportunity!”

While we are concerned about some of Mr. Morales’ positions, we appreciate his openness and willingness to go on record with his positions. We also appreciate his stated commitment to serve all constituents. We are certain that Mr. Morales will be open to discussions about his positions and we intend to take him up on it.

Comparatively, we emailed the questionnaire to the “front runner,” Lea Peterson, on January 29th. We have not received her answers or even notification of receipt. It appears that Lea Peterson is using the Martha McSally campaign rulebook: stay under the radar, appear Moderate, communicate about neutral issues, raise gobs of dark money, and show up at the last minute to win the nomination.

As voters, we believe that Lea Peterson should work harder to defend her positions to voters, rather than hope we don’t look too closely.

We hope that Danny Morales’ willingness to answer for his positions will inspire the others to follow suit. Although the following GOP Candidates have only had the questionnaires for a couple of weeks, we await answers from Marilyn Wiles, Brandon Martin and Casey Welsh.

You can read about Danny Morales on our website along with all of the Dem Candidates. You can also see all of the Questionnaires here.