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Grant Woods sexist and homophobic

Grant Woods Reveals His True Self

Woods attacks Pelosi, and Then Makes Misogynistic References to Body Parts and Attacks Her Looks During Grant Woods’ radio program called The Grant Woods Show, there was a regular feature called the Woody Award. Grant and his guests seemed to believe it was a clever play on words. His last name is Woods; they used …

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Grant Woods makes fun of fat woman

Arizona: This is Grant Woods II

It’s Disturbing to Watch Grant Denigrate Overweight Plane Passengers Mocking and insulting people due to their physical appearance is uncalled for from anyone, but especially from a person vying to represent us in Washington DC. Yet, on social media and during his KTAR/KFYI radio program–the Grant Woods Show–this is exactly what Grant Woods has done. …

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Grant Woods on Mackenzie Phillips

Arizona: This is Grant Woods

By Bryna Koch Grant Woods Mocked a Victim of Abuse for Laughs by Making Sexualized Jokes Content Warning: graphic reference of sexual abuse and victim blaming You might remember that Grant Woods was the Arizona Attorney General from 1991 to 1999. You also might recall his name from the Fiesta Bowl scandal. Grant was hired …

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Martha McSally on Women's issues

Martha is Bad for the Women of Arizona

Martha McSally has truly reached a new low. I know. It seems so hard to imagine that the “Let’s get this f’ing thing done” migrant-fear-monger could sink any lower, but she has. This week, Martha McSally has been called to task for her vote to remove healthcare from 44,000 of her constituents in Arizona’s CD2 …

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Forum Wrap up and Thank You!

Jul 24, 2018 For those who are interested, the results of our very “scientific” audience survey are in. The winner for our July 19th Candidate Forum was Billy Kovacs! Congratulations, Billy. The audience appreciated your well thought out answers to our questions. 2nd place went to the winner of our last Forum, Bruce Wheeler. Thank you also …

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Where do your donations go?

Jul 24, 2018 People have asked us what we do with the donations that we solicit and very gratefully receive.  Here are some of the expenses we use these funds for: Putting on Candidate Forums – This is by far our biggest expense.   Each forum costs around $500 – $750 to rent a space.  We …

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