Pay to Play with Martha McSally – Part 3 My $75 Question

Pay to Play with Martha McSally – Part 3 My $75 Question

Accurate Representation

By Marion Chubon

Martha, you almost had me there when you explained why it took you 4 days to condemn a white supremacist terror attack.  Let me back up. As many people know Congress has been on recess for the entire month of August. Martha McSally has used the recess to rebrand herself as a voice of reason in the healthcare debate. The voice I clearly remember is the one that famously said “let’s get this Fucking thing done” shortly before voting for the AHCA. That bill was the very unpopular healthcare (tax cut for wealthy) bill that the majority of her constituents and stakeholders in the healthcare industry begged her to vote “no” on.  

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Pay to Play with Martha McSally – Part 2 Harassment by McSally & Chamber Thugs

Pay to Play with Martha McSally – Part 2 Harassment by McSally & Chamber Thugs

Accurate Representation

By Kristen Randall

..and it felt like all eyes were on us.

No, this isn’t an excerpt from a fairy tale. This is what it felt like as Marion and I entered the large room where the Tucson Metro Chamber was hosting Rep. Martha McSally as their keynote speaker. Marion and I are both business owners, she is a business coach and wholesale artist and I am own and edit a community newspaper. But we are also the President and Vice President of Represent Me AZ Grassroots Super PAC.

I didn’t exactly expect a warm reception, but we were assigned some henchmen to watch us through the speech. Since we were seated in the very back of the cavernous room, henchman 1 had to stand against the wall to keep us two ladies in his sights the entire time.

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Pay to Play with Martha McSally – Part 1 What Martha Didn’t Say

Pay to Play with Martha McSally – Part 1 What Martha Didn’t Say

Accurate Representation
August 25, 2017
Martha McSally delivers Campaign Speech to Metro Chamber of Commerce

By Bryna Koch

On August 25th I attended Issues Over Easy, an event billed as a legislative update sponsored by the Tucson Chamber of Commerce. Congresswoman Martha McSally, there to provide the legislative update, received the Spirit of Enterprise Award. According to Mr. Jennings Imel, executive director for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Western Regional Office, the award is presented to legislators who voted at least 70% of the time with the U.S. Chamber’s interests. The Chamber adds stickers to a hard hat (part of the award) for those legislators who voted with them 100% of the time. Apparently the Congresswoman has earned one of these stickers every year she was eligible.

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McSally Lost Her Voice – Charlottesville

McSally Lost Her Voice – Charlottesville


Rep. Martha McSally’s constituents have been calling her office repeatedly, imploring her to speak out and condemn the horrific acts of domestic violence visited on Charlottesville, VA this weekend by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Her response: total silence.

It’s baffling.

Where is the woman who promised, over and over, she’d be “an independent voice” for Southern Arizonans?

Where is the woman who insisted she could provide leadership in Washington, D.C.?

Of the 30 members of the House Homeland Security Committee, only 4 have refused to condemn the despicable acts of terrorism visited on Charlottesville by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Three of the holdouts, unsurprisingly, come from safe red districts in the former Confederate South. Mike Rogers (AL), Clay Higgins (LA), John Rutherford (FL).

The last is Martha McSally.

Her timidity is inexplicable at a time when Americans across the nation are reacting with alarm to the surge of white supremacist attacks in recent months. The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security issued a report in May warning of the increasing threat. Brutal hate crimes have claimed the lives of victims in Oregon, Maryland, New York, Kansas, California, and now Virginia. Through it all, McSally has stayed silent.

More than a third of her constituents are ethnic minorities, and the SPLC has identified two hate groups inside her district. And of course, Charlottesville showed us that hate groups are more than willing to travel far from home to demonize and terrorize innocent people.

Who’s going to stand up and fight for us? How can McSally claim to be an effective leader in combating a threat she won’t even acknowledge?

It’s long past time for her to step up – or step down.


McSally Dodges On Internet Privacy

McSally Dodges On Internet Privacy

Accurate Representation, Fact Checks, Jobs & Business, National Politics

McSally Dodges On Internet Privacy

It’s a challenge to get Rep. Martha McSally to answer questions about where she stands on important issues. But when we do get an answer, and it turns out to be no answer at all, then its easy to understand Southern Arizona voters’ growing frustration with her.

Take for example her vote to overturn Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations on internet privacy. This spring, McSally joined other Republicans in Congress to approve a bill that lets internet service providers such as Comcast, Cox, and Verizon gather highly personal information from you without your permission. That info includes what web pages you visit, what apps you use, and information about your finances. The companies can then use that data to bombard you with targeted ads, or they can sell the information to marketers, financial firms, and data brokers. The Center for Digital Democracy says the law means, “Americans will never be safe online from having their most personal details stealthily scrutinized and sold to the highest bidder.”

When our fellow constituents wrote McSally for an explanation, it took over three months to get a reply. In the letter, McSally explained that her vote to gut internet privacy was actually an effort to protect the privacy of consumers. How did she explain that contradiction? McSally wrote that regulating online privacy belonged to a different agency, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and she didn’t want to interfere with that.

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Working Meeting – August 15th

Working Meeting – August 15th


Join us for the first organizational meeting of your Grassroots Political Action Committee.

Come find out about our next steps and discover the different ways you can get involved.
We will be planning our next Candidate Forum, strategizing for social media, newsletters, rapid response and more.

Tuesday, August 15 at 6:30 PM

St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church – Tucson

3809 E 3rd St, Tucson, Arizona 85716

Parking is in the lot on 3rd Street. The meeting is in the Knox room which is on the West side of the campus, facing the basketball court.

We will have light snacks.

St Mark's Knox room

McSally Defends Her Healthcare Vote – Fact Check

McSally Defends Her Healthcare Vote – Fact Check

Fact Checks, Healthcare, National Politics

Rep. Martha McSally (AZ-02) has a request to make.

Please forget she ever voted for the Republican health care bill.

That’s going to be very important for her reelection bid in 2018; polling shows people who’ve heard about that vote view her less favorably.

Did you happen to see the two-page letter she sent out defending her vote? If so, she’d like you to forget that, too. Especially the part where she claimed she only had two options – keeping the Affordable Care Act as is, or voting for the AHCA. Now that she’s openly admitting she had a 3rd option all along – working in bipartisan fashion with Democrats – it would be most inconvenient for you to remember she used to pretend otherwise.

If you really want to help her out, just erase it from your mind that she promised to protect people with pre-existing conditions, and then turned around and voted to eliminate those protections. Anyone who remembers that will surely have a tough time trusting her promises now.

Of course, she could make it easier on all of us and send out a new letter, with an honest assessment of the challenges we face in health care, and the steps she could be taking to address them. But at Represent Me AZ, we’re realists. We know if we want to see a letter like that, we’d have to write it ourselves.

So we did.

This, then, is the letter McSally would have written about health care, if she were being straight with us: Continue reading “McSally Defends Her Healthcare Vote – Fact Check”

Where Does McSally Stand on Transgender Military Ban?

Where Does McSally Stand on Transgender Military Ban?

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McSally’s Positions on LGBTQ Rights are Confusing

Martha McSally’s positions on the issue of LGBTQ rights are a confusing bag.  As with most issues that aren’t related to the border or the A-10, it is hard to unpack her positions.  Yesterday the President set off a storm with a series of Tweets about banning people who are transgender from serving in the military.

Several members of Congress put out statements condemning the idea, including members of her own party. [1] But Martha has remained silent. This silence is not surprising, as Martha tends to shy away from issues that might upset her carefully crafted yet false reputation as a Moderate.  But while unsurprising, her failure to condemn the President’s Tweets demonstrates her unwillingness to take any kind of meaningful stand. Based on her image created by her overworked PR teams, we should expect her to come out in defense of the proud men and women who are transgender and serve our country. She has a stake in the matter as a veteran and serving on the Armed Services Committee. Coupled with her tendency to tour the major cable news programs when issues of the military are hot topics, her silence speaks volumes. So again, since she won’t let her constituents know where she stands, we at Represent Me AZ are forced to let her constituents know.


You can read about her past views on LGBTQ issues here on our website with sources.

McSally voted to allow Federal Agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ. She said in 2012 that same sex marriage should be banned. In the same survey she indicated that LGBTQ does not deserve to be a protected class under Federal Anti-discrimination Law. She told a mother that other children need to be protected from transgender children. Two months later she told a group of Cienega High School students that she fights for LGBTQ rights and that they deserve “every opportunity in this country.” Most of her statements are meant to portray her as a Moderate to her more socially minded constituents. But these statements are confusing and the votes don’t match up.

Updates Since we Last Wrote About LGBTQ Issues

Then on July 13th, she voted for the Hartzler Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that sought to prohibit funds for medical treatment (other than mental health treatment) related to gender transition to a person entitled to medical care under chapter 55 of title 10, United States Code.” [2] Luckily this Amendment failed in the House.

McSally continues to use her favorite shield by stating that LGBTQ rights are a State’s Rights issue. This is how she justifies her statements about fighting for LGBTQ but then voting to undermine the civil rights of those in that community. Surely she is aware that civil rights are a Federal Issue.  By continuing her current trend of voting we are left to infer that she believes that the people in the LGBTQ community deserve less protections than other Americans.

There has been a great deal of pushback on Trump’s ban. This includes a statement from the Joint Chiefs of the Military who appear to have been caught off guard by the policy change by way of Twitter. McSally certainly would not be alone if she chose to speak out in support of the troops she professes to stand behind. McSally’s silence is both unsurprising and unacceptable.




McSally Finally Calls for Civility

McSally Finally Calls for Civility

Accurate Representation, National Politics

McSally’s Recent Cable News Tour Calling For Civility Misses the Mark

Typically when someone speaks about a desire for change, and expresses a shared responsibility for an issue, their next statement, as an act of good faith, speaks about their own missteps. Not so with Martha McSally.  Since the terrible and tragic attack on her GOP colleagues on June 14th that left the shooter dead and 3 others seriously injured, she has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and in various print articles speaking about how we need to take stock in the current political climate.  In her interview on 6/14 with Joe Ferguson she states “we are all responsible for bringing the temperature down” and on Fox News on 6/17 she muses “what is it that each of us can do to bring the temperature down?” Had she answered her own questions she could have followed up her statements with an admission of her culpability like “I too have engaged in some of the political conversation that inhibits our unification.” But instead she states, “I refuse to inflame the rhetoric. I haven’t done it since I’ve been in D.C. and I’m going to continue to choose not to do it.” “Let’s not feed into the fear and anger.” So since Martha won’t use this opportunity for self-reflection, I am compelled to do so for her. Continue reading “McSally Finally Calls for Civility”