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McSally on Healthcare

McSally voted for Trumpcare Jun 2, 2017 Martha McSally votes 100% in line with Donald Trump’s positions. That includes her May 4th vote to pass the Republican health care bill. [1] She was apparently eager to do so. At the GOP “pep rally” prior to the vote, she stood up and blurted out, “Let’s get …

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Planned Parenthood

McSally on Planned Parenthood

Jun 1, 2017 Martha McSally’s longtime opposition to federal funding for Planned Parenthood is out of step with her district.   Recent polling showed that 54% of her constituents would be more likely to oppose her if she voted to defund Planned Parenthood.[1] This is unsurprising, as Planned Parenthood has a 60% favorability rating in …

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