Fact-check: McSally on the Tax Bill

Fact-check: McSally on the Tax Bill

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Fact-check: McSally on the Tax Bill


On the same day House Republicans unveiled their new tax cut proposal, Martha McSally indicated her enthusiastic support, both in an official statement and a flurry of tweets.


How enthusiastic? Unlike with the health care bill, she managed to refrain from using f-bombs. But it’s clear she’s all in.


That’s not a surprise. McSally is hugely dependent for her campaign financing on House Speaker Paul Ryan and his political ally, New York hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer; it was a given they’d have her support on this, their top legislative priority.


Why are they so eager? It’s no mystery; the bill was written to benefit the donor class. Here’s a partial list of the bill’s provisions which impact mainly the wealthy and corporations, and the amount each would cost the Treasury over the next decade:

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McSally Dodges On Internet Privacy

McSally Dodges On Internet Privacy

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McSally Dodges On Internet Privacy

It’s a challenge to get Rep. Martha McSally to answer questions about where she stands on important issues. But when we do get an answer, and it turns out to be no answer at all, then its easy to understand Southern Arizona voters’ growing frustration with her.

Take for example her vote to overturn Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations on internet privacy. This spring, McSally joined other Republicans in Congress to approve a bill that lets internet service providers such as Comcast, Cox, and Verizon gather highly personal information from you without your permission. That info includes what web pages you visit, what apps you use, and information about your finances. The companies can then use that data to bombard you with targeted ads, or they can sell the information to marketers, financial firms, and data brokers. The Center for Digital Democracy says the law means, “Americans will never be safe online from having their most personal details stealthily scrutinized and sold to the highest bidder.”

When our fellow constituents wrote McSally for an explanation, it took over three months to get a reply. In the letter, McSally explained that her vote to gut internet privacy was actually an effort to protect the privacy of consumers. How did she explain that contradiction? McSally wrote that regulating online privacy belonged to a different agency, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and she didn’t want to interfere with that.

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McSally Defends Her Healthcare Vote – Fact Check

McSally Defends Her Healthcare Vote – Fact Check

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Rep. Martha McSally (AZ-02) has a request to make.

Please forget she ever voted for the Republican health care bill.

That’s going to be very important for her reelection bid in 2018; polling shows people who’ve heard about that vote view her less favorably.

Did you happen to see the two-page letter she sent out defending her vote? If so, she’d like you to forget that, too. Especially the part where she claimed she only had two options – keeping the Affordable Care Act as is, or voting for the AHCA. Now that she’s openly admitting she had a 3rd option all along – working in bipartisan fashion with Democrats – it would be most inconvenient for you to remember she used to pretend otherwise.

If you really want to help her out, just erase it from your mind that she promised to protect people with pre-existing conditions, and then turned around and voted to eliminate those protections. Anyone who remembers that will surely have a tough time trusting her promises now.

Of course, she could make it easier on all of us and send out a new letter, with an honest assessment of the challenges we face in health care, and the steps she could be taking to address them. But at Represent Me AZ, we’re realists. We know if we want to see a letter like that, we’d have to write it ourselves.

So we did.

This, then, is the letter McSally would have written about health care, if she were being straight with us: Continue reading “McSally Defends Her Healthcare Vote – Fact Check”