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We believe in the principle of representation by the people, for the people.

We hold that evidence and values should influence decision making, not money.

We focus on issues that concern Southern Arizonan voters.

REPRESENT ME AZ  does not plan protests. We support other groups that do…and often attend. But that is not where we focus our attention.

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“Maas also made posts mocking Sayles’ weight and “liked” a post appearing to compare African-Americans to gorillas, a common racist trope.”

Meanwhile, charter owner Trish McCarty used taxpayer dollars meant for StarShine charter school in Hawaii, spending $3,592 at a hotel; $1,600 for her home’s electricity bill; and $500 on a “spiritual healer,” according to federal bankruptcy records.

Pre-teen reporter is riding her bike to cover news in #az border community.

Local cop stops her, threatens to throw her in juvy.

She pulls out her camera and gets the cop in trouble.

Somebody give this badass girl an award.

THREAD: The AZ House will be voting today on HB2523. In case you missed it, that’s the bill allowing businesses to pay young people less than the minimum wage as long as they’re in school. #SameWorkSamePay

The @azgop wants to violate Arizona’s Prop 206, which overwhelmingly passed with 58% of the vote statewide. HB 2523 would allow employers to decrease young people’s pay between the age of 16 and 22 to $7.25 instead of the current minimum wage of $11 per hour ($12 in 2020).

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