Represent Me AZ is a Grassroots Super Pac

Our core values and goals:

We are non-partisan and want all constituents to have a voice.

We honor the Constitution and the rights and protections it provides all people.

We believe in the principle of representation by the people, for the people.

We hold that facts should influence decision making, not money.

We will begin at home in CD2, but will grow to influence all of Arizona.

In order to elect the representation we deserve, we work in these areas

Policy Education

Awareness creates engaged voters. Our researchers and writers keep us informed on the issues. We centralize the information on our website and spread the word via Social Media. The goal is to create empowered, passionate voters.

Candidate Awareness

We give a platform to new candidates to tell us why we should elect them.  We hold  candidates to high standards of transparency and accountability, and provide resources for reporters to fact check.

Voter Engagement

Too many registered voters simply don’t vote. We  support other local grassroots organizations whose main focus is voter turnout. These include, Arizona Groundgame, LUCHA and Mi Familia Vota

REPRESENT ME AZ  does not plan protests. We support other groups that do…and often attend. But that is not where we focus our attention.

this website is our center

Posts are categorized by issue. Use the menu at the top and side of post pages to select the subject of interest or read the blog chronologically.

Use the annotated articles to form your own opinions on the important issues. Read editorials, profiles of organizations and candidates, find events and go deep into policy.

Our latest posts:

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Really, it is all about what YOU will do...

Come to a Meeting




Join a Committee

Spread the Word

Research or Write

We encourage you to try Facebook.

Political organization is done on Facebook right now, and your voice needs to be there too!  Go here to create an account.  (We are all learning new skills and getting out of our comfort zone.)

At the bottom of every page you will find links to donate, press information, links to other organizations and our financial reports.

Look around. All this information is here to empower YOU!