McSally’s Anti-Immigration Statement Analysis

May 30, 2018 by: Bryna Koch Here in Southern Arizona’s Congressional District 2 we are used to politicians lying about the border and demonizing immigrants to justify anti-immigrant policies, increased surveillance, and wasted money on projects that never really work out. If you are following Representative McSally’s Senate aspirations, you have observed her hard right …

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Big Money doesn't represent the people.

Anti-Consumer McSally

Anti-Consumer McSally   Mar 3, 2018 an opinion post by Gail Kanamas Rep. Martha McSally is no friend to consumers.  So far this year, McSally has voted five times for anti-consumer legislation.  The only time she voted pro-consumer was with a unanimous House (HR 4292).  This record tops her count of anti-consumer votes in 2017 …

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Martha McSally Uses White Supremacist Language to Speak About DACA

Martha McSally Uses White Supremacist Language to Speak About DACA Jan 11, 2018 As Martha McSally’s anti-climactic unveiling of her run for Jeff Flake’s Senate seat looms, it is important to listen to the rhetoric change  in her carefully crafted persona. For years, her constituents have tried to nail her down on issues important to …

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Carol Fiore Pilot

Skyward – Community Commentary

Skyward By Carol Fiore   I have always looked up—at clouds, at birds, at airplanes. I climb to the tops of hills and hotels and relish the feeling of being high, embracing the world below. As a child, my most prized possession was a cheap, vinyl bag with the words Pan Am emblazoned on the …

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Fact-check: McSally on the Tax Bill

Fact-check: McSally on the Tax Bill Nov 5, 2017 On the same day House Republicans unveiled their new tax cut proposal, Martha McSally indicated her enthusiastic support, both in an official statement and a flurry of tweets.   How enthusiastic? Unlike with the health care bill, she managed to refrain from using f-bombs. But it’s …

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McSally in Cosmo Magazine – wait, WHAT?

Oct 19, 2017 We started this campaign to ask the Editors of “Cosmopolitan” Magazine to: “Tell your readers the truth about Martha McSally Helen Gurley Brown, the long-time editor of “Cosmopolitan,” famously transformed it from a staid family magazine to a frank (sometimes brazen) advice manual for the modern, single career woman. In 2014, then-editor Joanna …

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Candidate Forum Oct 26 2017

Candidate Forum Oct 26th 2017

October 26th 2017 Meet & Greet 6-6:30 Forum 6:30-8:00 8:00 – 8:30 speak with Candidates Rincon High Auditorium 421 N. Arcadia Ave., Tucson, Arizona 85711 Come join us for a lively evening with the candidates seeking to replace Rep. McSally as the CD2 congressional representative.   There will be an informal meet and greet with …

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