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Truly great news from WV!

A grassroots insurgency of real Democrats have taken the reins of the state Democratic Party away from the Manchin machine.

So grateful for and proud of @SelinaVickers, @ShaneAssadzandi and everyone who made this happen!


also please note how the most mild mannered biden criticism elicits a 10-alarm fire from mcconnell. anytime mconnell is mad, biden has done the right thing and he should keep doing it.

Legislating a return to this fundamental state of play and societal order, has taken the brand name “originalism.” It is currently the political, religious and social philosophy of the minority Republican Party and their six judges who apparently currently rule us.

In the 18th century, Africans were enslaved/forced laborers with neither civil nor citizenship rights, i.e voting. Women were little better than property. Their lives and bodies were fully controlled by their fathers, husbands or male relatives. Most whites were desperately poor.

Some US states are not functioning democracies, and the reason is not mobs, but people in suits and robes deciding to ignore the voters.
In WI, state Supreme Court works with co-partisan GOP legislature to block Dem Governor from making appointments.

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