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We hold that evidence and values should influence decision making, not money.


We focus on issues that concern Southern Arizonan voters.

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By the way, Justice Thomas’s wife is on the advisory board of a group that filed an amicus brief supporting this anti- affirmative action case (the National Assoc. Of Scholars.)And she gave its leader a prize. https://www.npr.org/2022/01/24/1003049852/supreme-court-adds-affirmative-action-to-its-potential-hit-list

@dsamuelsohn @SenatorSinema is fighting against democracy.

It’s okay to talk about it.

The fight for voting rights protections is not over.

Kelly can become the focus by speaking out for voting rights & an end to the filibuster, not by trying to sweep Sinema’s obstruction under the rug.

1. democrats win election on (many) progressive ideas

2. they win and the "smart"people say "don't go to far, lets means test everything"

3. the public can't understand why they didnt get what they voted for

4. democrats lose

5. the "smart" people blame "the left"

6. repeat

LAPD and LA Sheriff (only two of Los Angeles' dozens of police forces) have a combined 67 full-time employees working on public relations propaganda.

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