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A California father and son have been arrested for starting the Caldor fire in August by “recklessly firing guns.” The blaze scorched 221,835 acres; burned down most of the community of Grizzly Flats; and severely injured many people, including firefighters. #caleg https://twitter.com/kron4news/status/1468769910784413709

KRON4 News@kron4news

BOOKING PHOTOS: The El Dorado County District Attorney's office released photos of the father and son arrested for reckless arson related to the Caldor Fire. They will be arraigned on Friday December 9th, according to the DA’s office. https://trib.al/xpcLavd 2

You know who knows how to beat Trumpism and has done so in the real world? Women! Especially Black women! Black women with progressive beliefs! Not conservative white guys.

This time last year, Arizona Republicans were hard at work trying to overturn the results of an election that their candidate lost fair and square - to the point of a literal insurrection.

One year later, they're STILL AT IT.


Private equity interests have aggressively lobbied Congress--and Sinema in particular--to keep the carveout intact. Thus far their influence-peddling has succeeded in keeping any proposed repeal of the tax break out of Democrats’ Build Back Better Act

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