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"Japan's decision was made without enough consultation with the neighboring nations," said a South Korean diplomat of the country's plan to move ahead with releasing wastewater from Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea. https://cdreams.news/30tKVQ8

FLASHBACK: Double the Fun(ds) - Sinema Sets Up Joint Fundraising Committee To Ease Increased Contributions (SINEMA-TIC)


REMINDER: Many of these PhRMA contributors likely gave similar amounts to @SenatorSinema's Leadership PAC. (That 1 doesn't need to report quarterly.)

In fact, PhRMA-adjacent CVS gave her PAC $5,000 in June.

2nd REMINDER: Sinema called her leadership PAC "Getting Stuff Done". https://twitter.com/chrisherstam/status/1449979875423440899

Chris Herstam@chrisherstam

This is really sad. What has @kyrstensinema become? These contributions are very recent - July through September of this year. https://twitter.com/accountable_us/status/1449071911619661825

“As Sunrise Movement cofounder Will Lawrence said: ‘Put the bill on the floor, load it up with extra investment for West Virginia and Arizona, and dare them to vote it down.’”


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