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@MAJDefcon1 @ryno_san @nickmartin The Growing Anti-Democratic Threat of Christian Nationalism in the U.S.

“Christian nationalism has sought privilege for and ascribed moral worth to an “us” (white, natural-born, cultural conservatives) over and against a “them” (everyone else).”


Just a reminder that @dougducey’s PAC spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get Rogers, and other conspiracy theorists, elected.

https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/ducey-political-action-committees-spent-big-to-capitol-riot-sympathizers-rogers-and-kern-11525128 https://twitter.com/nickmartin/status/1441524720776613891

Nick Martin@nickmartin

Over on the Twitter knock off Gab, followers of Arizona lawmaker and Oath Keepers member Wendy Rogers are posting messages about killing Maricopa County officials because of the "audit." 4

Something I noticed: Fann and other Republican lawmakers say they pushed this “audit” because constituents had questions. I believe they cite a poll that said 45% of voters? But they also claim a simple majority of voters (50% +1) isn’t enough to pass a ballot proposition.

Hey @RexChapman...

Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BbO-eP3nPw

Police protesters in Phoenix were framed by officers and prosecutors while alt-right groups were left alone and even vouched for.

We've done more than 50 reports on the scandal: http://ABC15.com/protest https://twitter.com/RexChapman/status/1441523271682256897

Rex Chapman🏇🏼@RexChapman

Can you guys even imagine if a bunch of black and brown people did this at the Arizona state Capitol? Or any state Capitol?

Other countries have the internet. They can see this. It’s so embarrassing... https://twitter.com/realjamesklug/status/1441481747263229961

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