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Represent Me AZ wins PALF award!

On Saturday night we were honored to have received the Pima Area Labor Federation Laura Hogan Award at the 6th Annual Community Partnership Awards! We are so moved...

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Call Your Legislator Now!

by M. Chubon This is nuts. The AZ GOP is literally trying to destroy voters’ rights to pass laws that the legislature doesn’t like. Here’s...

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We Tweet, Therefore We Are

Trump called on China to investigate his political rival. This article highlights what that brutal regime is capable of: "Across China, he set about eliminating challenges to party rule; dissidents and human rights lawyers disappeared in waves of arrests."

CBP officer learned he was born in Mexico, fears own deportation - Business Insider

>> *not* The Onion. https://www.insider.com/cbp-immigration-officer-born-in-mexico-fears-own-deportation-2019-11

McSally didn’t care about the environment when she took $153,000 from the oil & gas industry & another $154,000 from climate-denying billionaire Paul Singer. She didn’t care about it when she has refused to support keeping the US in the Paris Accords.

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