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Represent Me AZ wins PALF award!

On Saturday night we were honored to have received the Pima Area Labor Federation Laura Hogan Award at the 6th Annual Community Partnership Awards! We are so moved…

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We Tweet, Therefore We Are

Great piece by @Dr_MaldonadoAZ about need for a civilian review board for Phx PD.

“This dept’s practices & culture are the true problem. There needs to be tangible & bold changes made.”

Here’s to hoping @MayorGallego & Council do the right thing today.

.@SenMcSallyAZ votes w/ @realDonaldTrump 95% of the time:
✔️NO on impeachment
✔️NO on stopping war with Iran
✔️YES on repealing the ACA
✔️YES on the Trump tax scam

That's why we're kicking her out of office. Join us: https://medium.com/@IndivisibleTeam/breaking-news-that-makes-sen-martha-mcsally-a-real-hack-4d4412f493f

The Q should have been: “Mr President, Harvey Weinstein was accused of rape & sexual assault by multiple women & despite denying it all he ended up in court & convicted. Do you worry that’ll eventually happen to you too, given all the accusations of rape & assault against you?” https://twitter.com/brianstelter/status/1232285005243613186

Brian Stelter@brianstelter

The question was "do you think justice was served in the Harvey Weinstein case?" This was Trump's full answer.

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