Grant Woods Reveals His True Self

Grant Woods sexist and homophobic

Woods attacks Pelosi, and Then Makes Misogynistic References to Body Parts and Attacks Her Looks

During Grant Woods’ radio program called The Grant Woods Show, there was a regular feature called the Woody Award. Grant and his guests seemed to believe it was a clever play on words. His last name is Woods; they used a stuffed toy of Woody the Woodpecker as a prop, (and the theme music from the cartoon show);  and they told sexual ‘jokes’ about how stiff, warm, hard, etc., Woody was. Almost always a female guest held the Woody prop. Always, the Woody Award was given as an insult. Its purpose was to signify who Grant believed had said the most stupid words, or performed the most stupid action for that week.

In a video where Grant proclaimed Congressman Joe Wilson the latest recipient of the Woody Award, he veered from criticizing Wilson to mocking Nancy Pelosi.

Excerpt of Video Transcript

Grant: In the jackass match between the Congressman, the hip-hop star, and the tennis champion–a contest technically called the ‘jack off’–the winner is the pride of the South, Joe Wilson. Wilson yelled ‘You lie!’ during the president’s address on healthcare to a joint session of Congress when Obama said the benefits wouldn’t apply to illegal aliens. Nancy Pelosi scowled so hard she popped a few stitches.

Why Grant?
Why turn from criticizing a legitimate target, Wilson’s brazenly rude outburst, to making an unconscionable, false attack on Pelosi?  

Nancy Pelosi “popped a few stitches”

In another typically gross video from his Grant Woods Show program entitled–Grant present [sic] this weeks Woody Award to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:
1. Grant and a radio show guest make sexual comments about the ‘Woody Award’

Grant: Who wants to hold the Woody?
Female Guest: I always want to hold the Woody.

2. Grant calls Pelosi a liar and compares her to Roger Clemens (who was indicted for making false statements to Congress).

Grant: So now, sorry, she’s lying. Either she’s lying or the CIA is lying about whether the CIA lied to her. And I’m gonna go with her as the big Pinnochio here. So now we get the spectre, not Arlen, uh, the Speaker of the House, squirming around like Roger Clemens on the hill.

3. Grant and guests make misogynistic remarks about Pelosi’s appearance.

Guest: Wow. You know maybe there’s some kind of residual botox… [laughter]

Grant: [laughter] That’s more than botox idn’t it? If she has one more lift, she’s gonna have a goatee. Awright and that’s not good. I mean, ya know… come on. [drinks beer while chuckling]

Guest: laughter.. Man.. oh ho ho… [chuckling]

Female Guest: Did you just say that?

Guest: Yes. He did

Female Guest: It took me a minute

Guest: Why does Nancy have a vertical smile?

Grant: [Leans back in his chair laughing]

Female Guest: ohhh

Grant Woods on Nancy Pelosi

Grant’s comments are so crass, you may need to see the worst parts a second time to understand just how unconscionable they are.

From the first video:
“Nancy Pelosi scowled so hard she popped a few stitches.”

From the second video:
“That’s more than botox idn’t it? If she has one more lift, she’s gonna have a goatee. Awright and that’s not good. I mean, ya know… come on.”

And, just so you know, for sure, what Grant is really talking about, a guest adds, “Why does Nancy have a vertical smile?”

Men who are uncomfortable with powerful women, and harbor resentment of their success, often attack their looks. For women to be ‘worthy’ in their eyes, they must either be ‘sexy’ or appropriately motherly. Any woman who does not fit in these categories in a traditional way, who doesn’t act as the misogynist wants her to, is seen as threatening, and targeted for harassment.

When talking about Nancy Pelosi, the first female Democratic leader of the House of Representatives and the first female speaker of the House–the woman who is currently leading the Democratic majority in the House, after a historic 40-seat gain–instead of showing respect for her political prowess, Grant showed his contempt for her.

Pelosi is a mother and she is beautiful, but too old in Grant’s eyes to qualify as such. But, most of all, she has broken through the good ol’ boys system that Grant subscribes to, of where women are supposed to fit.

So, Grant and his guests have taken it upon themselves to try to knock her down a peg, by criticizing her looks.

Ask yourself, would a man who respects women, ever think, much less say, the words Grant said?

Next on Grant’s Agenda: Homophobia

Grant turned a rant criticizing Barney Frank’s politics into a homophobic diatribe. (Frank was the first member of Congress to voluntarily reveal that he was gay. He served as a US Representative from Massachusetts from 1981 to 2013, was the committee chairman of the House Financial Services Committee from 2007 to 2011, and was a leading co-sponsor of the 2010 Dodd–Frank Act, a sweeping reform of the U.S. financial industry.)  

These are the most important parts of Grant’s quotes about Frank, which are in the video entitled: Grant Woods Presents the Woody Award to Congressman Barney Frank:

“It has nothing to do with his own personal preference, for Freddy’s fanny. I could care less where he sticks it, as long as he keeps from sticking it to us taxpayers. Look out America, Barney Frank has got a Woody.”

When asked, “Are you at least going to wish Barney Frank a happy birthday? He just turned 69 this week.”

Grant replied:
“Sixty-nine? That is so gross to even imagine….Barney’s gotta go. I’m sorry, I can’t handle the guy. But, anyway, enough on Barney’s Woody.”

Tips for those who don’t want to sound homophobic:

  1. When a person really doesn’t care where a person ‘sticks it’ they don’t bring it up when they are supposed to be talking about politics.
  2. When a person says they don’t care where a person ‘sticks it’ and then derisively talks about where a person ‘sticks it’, they care, and they are judging that person’s sexuality as being negative, and less valued than what they believe to be the norm.

Watch Grant’s homophobic attack here

Grant Woods on Barney Frank

It makes sense that a Republican–Grant Woods has been a lifelong Republican–would criticize Democratic policies. Grant, who has attained outsized credit for endorsing an occasional Democratic candidate, has actually mostly worked to enact Republican policies. Often he talks more liberally than he acts. Although Grant has ‘said’ he opposed SB1070, a racist policy that helped Arpaio unjustly profile and punish people of color, Grant was one of the people at the top of Arizona politics who enabled Arpaio’s reprehensible behavior by ensuring SB1070 operated within our state for as long as possible.  Grant was co-chair of Governor Jan Brewer’s reelection campaign, after she signed SB1070.

And, through the years, on his radio show, his social media, editorials, and interviews with the press, Grant has made it a point to communicate that he considers himself a true Republican. Most recently, he has indicated that even though he switched from GOP to the Democratic party–the moment it became clear Democrat Kyrsten Sinema would win the Arizona Senate seat in 2018–the change was not because he actually wanted to ‘be’ a Democrat or pursue Democratic party priorities.  On the contrary, his self-stated motivation to run as a Democrat was because he thought he might be able to ‘win’ as a Democrat.

So, in these videos, it is obvious that the Republican Grant felt free to complain about Democratic policies and priorities. What doesn’t compute is why, when Grant’s goal was supposed to be simply to attack Democratic goals, he instead turned the commentary into anti-woman, anti-gay, derogatory insults.

It appears Grant was not only disgusted by the Democratic ideals Pelosi and Frank (these accomplished groundbreakers) achieved; but, also by Pelosi’s audacity to accomplish ‘while being a woman’, and Frank’s audacity to accomplish ‘while being a gay person’.

Grant was not running for office at the time he made these comments. His hateful words weren’t made as a political tactic to win over misogynistic and homophobic voters. No, it seems as if Grant has made a personal lifestyle choice to be hateful, and to judge women and people in the lgbtq community as being inferior to straight men.

In Grant’s September 23, 2018, editorial in the Arizona Republic, he introduced the idea that he might run for Senate in Arizona:
– but, not as a Republican, because he could never win in the party he has supported during his lifetime so far;
– not as an independent, since there wasn’t enough money to propel him past the two main political parties;
– but maybe as a Democrat, because, well, even though he wasn’t really a Democrat, they might have enough money to help him win.

Grant also said he believes in the Republican philosophy “of limited government,” and that he “can’t play identity politics.” But, that last part is not exactly true. From his previous comments it is clear: he has proven that he does play identity politics–old-fashioned, entitled, conservative, straight, male identity politics.

Watch More Grant Woods Videos

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More videos are also available to view (still up on his very own YouTube page!) GrantWoodsShow on YouTube.