Barbara Sherry

Barbara Sherry



First and foremost I am not a politician! I am a Rancher in McNeal Arizona,these feet have walked the fields of this land,shopped in stores,ate  in the restaurants and listened to the neighbors that surround my Ranch. My dirty boots went to work every day to produce the finest Grass Fed Beef and Pork on our Organic Ranch. We then sold that Beef and Pork at the Farmers Markets in Sierra Vista, Tucson and Oro Valley.We worked Monsoon or extreme heat since hay fields and animals do not know about Holidays or vacations. This I today PLEDGE to you I will work as hard as any Rancher. Those Boots will go to Washington and work there as Hard as I do here. I will talk and work with any side of the Political aisle  in the Best Interest of this Country I so Love.America has been good to me and I want to give back to all the people and I do mean all the people. Please help me to do that ..and thanks to everybody who takes the time to read this and then VOTE!

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