Yahya Yuksel

Note: Represent Me Az has decided that we as an organization no longer support providing this candidate access to voters. However, as per our mission, we want you to decide for yourselves. First, you will find disturbing documentation of this candidate attempting to cover up rape allegations in his past.  Then links to video of him attempting to deny anything of note happened. It is his inability to address the allegations and evidence with any semblance of responsibility and evidence of growth that prompts us to withdraw support for his campaign. Victims of assault deserve no less, regardless of what “really happened” in 2007. See our official press release  and read our response to concerns on Facebook.

We can report that the initial research was done by a small group of regular voters, both men and women, Republican and Democrats, who looked into the backgrounds of all candidates, even those they liked. This was not a targeted mission. When they found something, they let Joe Ferguson of the Arizona Daily Star know, and he did the research and obtained the documents. No one knew how explosive this would become, nor how poorly it would be handled.

Court documents (obtained by Joe Ferguson AZ Daily Star)

Joe’s Article that got the ball rolling.

Video of the brief initial press conference. Please note the chanting started as he left the room without answering questions.

There are other videos of the ensuing chaos. Here is another reporter’s account.

Here is a very complete accounting By Dylan Smith for Tucson Sentinel 

Now read the original official statement of this candidate below and you decide.