Martha McSally on Women's issues

Martha is Bad for the Women of Arizona

Martha McSally has truly reached a new low. I know. It seems so hard to imagine that the “Let’s get this f’ing thing done” migrant-fear-monger could sink any lower, but she has. This week, Martha McSally has been called to task for her vote to remove healthcare from 44,000 of her constituents in Arizona’s CD2 …

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Carol Fiore Pilot

Skyward – Community Commentary

Skyward By Carol Fiore   I have always looked up—at clouds, at birds, at airplanes. I climb to the tops of hills and hotels and relish the feeling of being high, embracing the world below. As a child, my most prized possession was a cheap, vinyl bag with the words Pan Am emblazoned on the …

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McSally in Cosmo Magazine – wait, WHAT?

Oct 19, 2017 We started this Change.org campaign to ask the Editors of “Cosmopolitan” Magazine to: “Tell your readers the truth about Martha McSally Helen Gurley Brown, the long-time editor of “Cosmopolitan,” famously transformed it from a staid family magazine to a frank (sometimes brazen) advice manual for the modern, single career woman. In 2014, then-editor Joanna …

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McSally Lost Her Voice – Charlottesville

Aug 15, 2017 Rep. Martha McSally’s constituents have been calling her office repeatedly, imploring her to speak out and condemn the horrific acts of domestic violence visited on Charlottesville, VA this weekend by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Her response: total silence. It’s baffling. Where is the woman who promised, over and over, she’d be “an …

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McSally on Equal Pay for Women

Jun 6, 2017 While campaigning in 2014, Martha McSally promised to vote for the Paycheck Fairness Act: “As someone who has fought for women my entire life, I know first-hand that women are still not treated equally in the workplace, and if I was in Congress, I would vote for the Paycheck Fairness Act because …

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lgbt AZ

McSally on LGBTQ rights

WORKPLACE PROTECTIONS Jun 5, 2017 Rep. McSally has a score of 48 from the Human Rights Campaign. To put that in context, all the Democratic representatives from Arizona have a score of 100, and all the other Republican representatives have a score of zero. [1]   A representative from the HRC explained the mixed results …

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prejudice has no place in tucson

McSally on Prejudice

*from Feb 23, 2017 town hall event*    PREJUDICE / HATE SPEECH First, an ethnic breakdown of CD2: It’s 64% white, 28% Hispanic, and about 4% black, 3% Asian and 1% Native American. * A religious breakdown of Arizona (Pew Survey, 2015): 27% none, 26% Evangelical, 21% Catholic, 13% Protestant, 5% Mormon, 6% non~Christian faith …

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