McSally not good for military families

Martha McSally is Bad for Military Families

Martha used to say “When you value people, you give them freedom.” Martha McSally talking to students at National Cathedral School in 2002. Now she is willing to sacrifice the health and welfare of military members’ families by deploying soldiers at the border, solely for political gain. Using the military in this ploy is disrespectful to …

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Lea Marquez Peterson’s business experiences don’t add up to her campaign promises

by Marion Chubon as appeared in Tucson Sentinel Lea Marquez Peterson wants you to believe that her experience as a champion of small business makes her the best choice in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. Marquez Peterson is the Republican nominee to succeed Martha McSally. Her main platform in a split district that went for Hillary …

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McSally’s Anti-Immigration Statement Analysis

May 30, 2018 by: Bryna Koch Here in Southern Arizona’s Congressional District 2 we are used to politicians lying about the border and demonizing immigrants to justify anti-immigrant policies, increased surveillance, and wasted money on projects that never really work out. If you are following Representative McSally’s Senate aspirations, you have observed her hard right …

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Syrian Airstrike 2018 (picture alliance/AP Photo/H. Ammar)

Understanding Syria

Starting Place For Understanding Syrian Conflict. By Janni Simner Apr 20, 2018 After the president authorized airstrikes in Syria, I started sorting through the wide range of responses on social media, only to quickly realize something—that while I knew about the huge toll Syria’s civil war had taken on Syria and its people, I knew …

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Big Money doesn't represent the people.

Anti-Consumer McSally

Anti-Consumer McSally   Mar 3, 2018 an opinion post by Gail Kanamas Rep. Martha McSally is no friend to consumers.  So far this year, McSally has voted five times for anti-consumer legislation.  The only time she voted pro-consumer was with a unanimous House (HR 4292).  This record tops her count of anti-consumer votes in 2017 …

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