Martha is Bad for the Women of Arizona

Martha McSally on Women's issues

Martha McSally has truly reached a new low. I know. It seems so hard to imagine that the “Let’s get this f’ing thing done” migrant-fear-monger could sink any lower, but she has. This week, Martha McSally has been called to task for her vote to remove healthcare from 44,000 of her constituents in Arizona’s CD2 in May of last year. Her response: expensive ads claiming that she fought hard for pre-existing condition protections. But that is just the first of many to come. The latest ads intended to wash away Martha McSally’s terrible voting record aren’t even trying to tell the truth anymore.

Now, the poster child for self-serving representation is trying to convince young women that she is their champion! I know. I know you know. But do young women know that the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is set to expire in a few months after an extension was added to a spending bill in September? And do they know that Martha McSally has refused to answer questions about whether she will support the bill or not, and calls to her congressional office lead to the all too familiar response “I haven’t had a chance to speak to the congresswoman about this, but I’m glad to share your comments with her?” Sidenote: for a woman attempting to run for Senate, she sure is ignorant on a lot of important bills. I guess she’s too busy appearing on Fox trying to scare the country into believing that our neighbors to the south won’t rest until all Americans are drug addicted, sex slaves, or dead at the hands of MS-13, to actually study the legislation. You have one job, Martha. But we digress.

In this advertisement from Winning for Women, the PAC bankrolled by the Singers and Mercers, big dark money is attempting to rewrite history. You can read here about their motives for having McSally in the Senate. Martha has been a very effective and loyal puppet.

The ad starts “What if there was a law that provided defense for victims of sexual assault?”

“Well that law expires in just months,” the narrator continues. “But what if I told you you could help the efforts of women like Congresswoman Martha McSally to keep it alive when Congress returns?”

For a refresher, Martha McSally is no friend to women. She votes against us at every turn.

Paycheck Fairness – blocked 3 times

AHCA – gutting protections for women’s health by repealing Obamacare

Planned Parenthood – working to defund this vital resource that provides low cost healthcare and health screening to millions of women

Martha McSally’s Past of Being a Victim Never Translates to Votes to Support Other Victims

Martha uses her history of being stalked and sexually assaulted as a tool to protect herself from criticism of the harsh realities of her voting record. She attacks those who question her devotion to “fighting for women” with outrage and derision. But her feigned distress is just a tactic to cover for the fact that McSally is actually a danger to women.  

She blocks any legislation that would require background checks for stalkers on firearm purchases (while crying “I was a victim of stalking!”) as we wrote here.

In April, when McSally shared her own tragic story of being abused by a coach in high school, many questioned her motivation for sharing the story shortly after announcing a run for Senate. We vehemently defended her as a sexual assault survivor and used the opportunity to educate others that the timing of when a survivor chooses to share their story is up to them. However, we did hope that she would then use her own experience to advocate for victims of sexual abuse. We were, of course, disappointed.  

It is clear, instead of being a protector of women, she is harmful to them. McSally consistently votes against protections that are long overdue.

In this story from Roll Call, they pointing out the hypocritical ads directed at young women, they go on to single out McSally 

“Forty-six Republicans sent a letter to Speaker Paul D. Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy last month asking for urgent action to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act before its Sept. 30 expiration. Comstock and Walters signed on to that letter. McSally did not.”

“Democrats in the house have introduced legislation to reauthorize the law (VAWA)  with updates, including a provision that would prohibit those under protective order from possessing firearms. No Republicans have signed on to the Democratic proposal.

Prediction: Martha McSally’s next ad is going to show her being a champion for the rights of immigrants.

Martha McSally on Women's issues
New ad touts Martha McSally as champion of Women’s causes. Problem is, there’s no evidence of that.