McSally on Science

Biodesign lab at ASU



*Votes on science as reported on Feb 23, 2017 town hall event*

The U of A’s $600 million in research and development expenditures place it in the top 5% of American universities. The U of A is Tucson’s largest employer.


If you Google “science” and Martha McSally, you will learn that she was a biology major at the Air Force Academy. There was a press release a year ago about how she wants to use NeuroScreening technology developed at the U of A to vet people at the border. (She’s the Chair of the Border Subcommittee.) Also, she wants NASA to encourage girls to study STEM.


From the EPA’s web site, on the impact of climate change in Arizona: “In the coming decades, changing the climate is likely to decrease the flow of water in the Colorado River, threaten the health of livestock, increase the frequency and intensity of wildfires, and convert some rangeland to desert.”

From Wikipedia: “(Rep. McSally) opposes government funding for the development of renewable energy, such as solar, wind and thermal energy. She is in favor of barring the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions. She strongly opposed President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which aimed to require power producers to reduce emissions 32% from 2005 levels by 2030.”

The League of Conservation Voters has given McSally a lifetime score of 3%.